What is your Mission?

Do you have a Personal Mission Statement?
Are you guided by a set of deeply held values?
Do you know where you are going in life?


Here at The CPO Institute, we encourage our clients to create a written Personal Mission Statement that does the following:
Defines the people and things you
deeply value in life.
Describes who you really are.
Explains what you want to do, be, or have.
Outlines where you want to go in life.
States how you plan to live your life.

Your Mission statement should be short, 2-5 sentences and is created with both your head and your heart. As Zig Ziglar once said: “People often fall short of their goals by 18 inches. The distance between their head and their heart.”
This “Mission” should help guide you when faced with difficult or conflicting decisions.
Stay true to your mission, stay true to thyself, but Don’t Just Do It!
Be Your Own Chief Performance Officer.

Did Screw Dad Screw Son???

Being the 5th generation in the family business, Hyland Screw Machine Products, doesn’t guarantee a job. Dan Hyland, whose great-grandfather founded the automotive supplier in 1928, has been making some pretty tough decisions lately and lay offs are one of them.

Due to production cutbacks, Hyland was faced with giving some of his workers their pink-slips. Since his son is one of the newest employees in the company, Dan thought it was only right to lay him off in the first round as well.

It was the right thing to do Dan said. And moreover, when he told his son about his impending lay off, the son told his father that it wouldn’t be right for him to stay on while other good workers were let go.

At The CPO Institute, our primary focus is on values. Companies and people that have well established values and live by those values are successful and sustainable.

Dan Hyland and his son live by a set of time tested values. Being the 5thgeneration in the family business, Hyland Screw Machine Products, doesn’t guarantee a job, but it does guarantee a foundation of solid core values.

No, Dan didn’t screw his son…he helped him learn a valuable lesson. Dan appears to be a man that lives through his values and is a great business man and Dad.

Life is tough sometimes and it is filled with choices. Live by a defined set of values and Don’t Just Do It!

For more on this story check out the local TV report from Dayton, OH on Hyland Screw Machine Products.