The “Non-Delusional Life”

In the airport the other day, I overheard a couple chatting about all the “work” they needed to catch-up on when they returned from vacation. As the three children sat quietly (playing games on their IPods), it seemed as though the parents were in a “I need to do more than you” contest. Quite frankly, none of it sounded very important.
All to often, people live what I refer to as a “Delusional Life”. They think that as long as they have a hefty “to do” list, then life is important.┬áIn other words, doing busy work is not really living.
One of the best parts of our family vacations was talking about the best of…whatever and what each person enjoyed the most and why. Vacation began with the planning phase, which everyone was involved in, and was not complete until we returned to work or school.

It certainly didn’t sound like this young couple had their priorities straight, which is a key step in living a “Non-delusional” life. In life, like in business…you “Don’t Just Do It!”