Administer Your Admins

As Facebook continues to expand it’s focus to include the business world, they finally have created a way for page owners to protect themselves from page hijackers. One of my basic keys to success in social media is to have a policy. A policy which includes removing all passwords and administrative abilities. But, the new levels of admin helps protect you, the business and page owner. Let’s take a brief look at each of the five levels.

Insight Analyst– This is the most limited level and can only view the page insights.

Advertiser– This level can view insights and create ads. Both of the first two are probably most appropriate for third party providers.

Moderator– A Moderator has the ability to do the previously mentioned activities and they can add or delete comments on the page. They also have the ability to respond to messages.

Content Creator– This admin level can do all the aforementioned functions and they can create posts as the page, edit the page and add apps.

Manager– The Manager has full access to the page and they are they only people who can add administrators and set permission levels for said admins.

Facebook Admin Roles

I’m a big supporter of employing what I call a “Social Media Squad” within your organization to fully leverage this incredible tool. However, I strongly recommend you review your Admins and assign the proper level of control each has on your most valuable Page.

TMI-Timeline Marketing Ideas

Facebook Timeline is coming to your Fan Page soon.
Sure it’s a change and sure it’s going to take a bit of work, but I think the new format will be Facebook an even stronger marketing and relationship building tool.
Besides, you don’t have a choice!
Here are Ten Tips which will help you and your biz leverage the new timeline:
1) Even though Facebook strictly forbids blatant marketing on your cover pic, it’s still a great place to market. We know that 21% of the people who visit a new profile will click on the profile pic. Let’s assume it’s less than that, it’s still worth taking the time to type in a brief description of your business. Did you see that word brief? I’m talking mission/vision or brand statement or tag line. Visit mine at and see what I mean.
2) Let your cover pic be a welcoming visual and post your logo as your profile pic. Facebook recommends your profile pic be 180 X 180 pixels for best results.
3) Humanize your brand! Take a couple of hours and fill in a history of your biz. Tell people when and how it was founded. Share key product/services which have been added over the years. Remember, people often select a biz simply because of their years of experience.
4) Having the analytics at the top of the page serves as a good reminder how you are doing…don’t hide it.
5) Here’s a cool tip, you can move an older post to the top of your Timeline to highlight it again. Just hover over the posting, click on the little pencil in the upper-right corner, then click on “pin to the top”. It will stay there for seven days.
6) While we’re on the topic of manipulating posts, you can also change the date of a post to move it out on your timeline. Not sure why we would want to do this, unless you were to feel your more recent posts are more relevant but yet you don’t want to hide a particular post.
7) Another cool tip on posts, especially with awesome pics, hover over the post, click on the star in the upper right-hand corner and you will “highlight” that pic or post. This is especially cool if you have a product you want to feature.
8) THIS IS YOUR LANDING PAGE! No longer can you select default pages for people to land on. Make it great!
9) You can now take customer concerns and complaints “off-line” by asking them to message you directly. This has a great deal of potential.
10) Last, but certainly not least, take this opportunity to clean-up your “About” tab. Ask yourself this question: “Would I read this?”
Convert over to the new Fan Page Timeline and begin to experiment. It won’t go live until you tell it too or on March 30. Why wait? If you feel panicky, give me a call. We are offering very special Facebook Coaching and Consulting rates for the entire month of March.

Automated Love!

Professional speakers and trainers tend to spend many hours using free wi-fi in sandwich and coffee shops across the land. We meet clients, write, read, and maybe most importantly, watch the interesting interactions of the people who cross our paths. One such day at the local Panera Bread, three young ladies took the table next to me and began to rave about the “awesome” white sports car one of them had recently purchased. Not only was she a proud new owner of her “first new car” but her friends were obviously envious of her new wheels as well.

Then the conversation took a very negative tone.

The young lady disgustedly proclaimed how she had just spent $36K with the local dealership where her family had done business for years, and all she got was a “bleeping” automated email. “I mean what the bleep, I spent more money than my parents did for their first house…and all I get is a “bleeping” automated email to thank me?”

As a dealership, whatever client services or relationship management software system you use…make it personal!

And that doesn’t mean merely typing in their full, given name from the contract.

“I consult and train dealerships on building strong customer relationships, do you mind if I ask you a quick question?” I said. After the typical “What’s with this guy look” she nodded and agreed to entertain the question.

“What could the dealer or sales person have done that would have made you happy?”

“They could actually show me that they care! I don’t that’s too much to ask.”

Automated love doesn’t leave customers feeling that the dealership really cares. Nothing can damage or stifle customer relations more significantly that a “personal contact” that is perceived as highly impersonal. Don’t get me wrong! Friendly reminders and the occasional educational communique can be routine and automated, but thank you notes must be personal. That’s right! Just a simple thank you note will go a long way. For those who have forgotten the lost art of handwritten thank you notes, here is a brief reminder:

Address them directly: Start off with a “Dear ….” greeting or if it’s a long-time customer you can call them by their first name if more appropriate.

Keep it simple: There is no need to get all syrupy and cutesy. Keep it simple and specific. Thank them for coming to you for their transportation needs and welcome them to the dealership “family” or make a statement that will tie-in to the dealership tag line.

Sign-off…don’t sell: Sincerely thank them again and tell them how important their relationship is to you and the dealership. Reassure them that you will be their to meet their continued needs. DON’T UPSELL or even thank them for their BUSINESS. This is all about personal relationships!

A simple thank you note would have made our first time buyer Panera Bread friend much happier. In fact, thank you notes will make everyone happier. The next time you use a “Automated Love” email “Customer Relationship Management” software system, think about the young lady in Panera Bread…how did it make her feel?

Kill the automated love! Relationship building starts with a simple thank you note. And thanks to Panera Bread for the Wi-Fi.