Prioritize Your Email!

Last night I had the honor of moderating a teleseminar with my friend Randy Dean “The Totally Obsessed Time Management Guy and E-mail Sanity Expert.” The teleseminar was sponsored by the National Speakers Association. The two hours flew by and Randy shared many tips and suggestions. One of my take-aways is the idea of eliminating e-mail “blinging.” Randy describes “Blinging” as the habit of reading every e-mail as it pops into your incoming mailbox and sends an audio “bling.”
Let’s face it, most of us can’t wait to open the latest email and see what we got. Sure it could be a very important client or inquiry, but often it’s a communication that could wait, or a joke or cartoon.  From my learnings last night, I am going to check my (professional) e-mail only four times per day. I will begin my day by checking my incoming e-mail, again about one hour before lunch, about 2:00 PM and again about 6:00 PM. That’s it. It’s a matter of priorities!
Two other points I am implementing are to try to keep my e-mail in-box at what Randy calls “E-mail Zero” and I am setting up three separate e-mail accounts. If you want to know what the three separate accounts are, check out Randy’s website. Thanks Randy!
If you want to Be Your Own Chief Performance Officer, you need to manage your life…and your e-mail.
In e-mail, as in life…you “Don’t Just Do It!”