OK, Maybe Not Better Than Sex!

When the young reporter asked me how public speaking can be better than sex, I simply told her how great it feels to communicate with the audience, how it feels when you connect with them. The article was her idea…not mine. Anyway, check it out…TJ Wisner on CNN.com talking about…well check it out!   “It’s Better than Sex…They Say”

Plan for your convention

This last weekend I attended the National Speakers Association national convention in NY City. The people that organized the event did a great job and they provided detail overviews of the various sessions and breakouts…and there were plenty to choose from. Here’s the point! As people received their registration package they immediately went to tables and began to plan their itinerary.
Call me anal, but weeks before the event I have reviewed the on-line version of the program and had “planned” my entire event, based on my personal objectives. These folks could have planned out their schedules as well and I thought to myself, why put pressure on yourself…plan ahead.
BUT, I was amazed to observe people scouring their programs to determine which session they would attend…between sessions. In other words, no planning at all.
In Conventions as in life, it is wise to…”Don’t Just Do IT!”