Swimming is the Priority!

Young Eric Shanteau’s effort in the Olympic 200 meter breaststroke beat his personal best. However, he came up 0.13 seconds short of qualifying for the last finals spot. Why is this important? Because Eric has been diagnosed with testicular cancer. (You can read more about Eric in this article from USA Today) He made the decision to hold off on his required surgery since he made the team. Now that his event is completed, he plans on returning to Atlanta to begin his fight against the disease. Eric is taking cancer on with the same attitude he does with his swimming competition when he says: “This thing stands no chance.”

Although there are those that criticize Shanteau’s decision to participate in the games and delay his cancer treatment, but it shows he clearly understands his personal priorities, is committed to a plan and has people that coach and support him throughout.

It is also clear to me that Eric understands how important life is and that you…Don’t Just Do It!