Timing is Everything

Albert Einstein once said: “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”  Obviously Einstein never saw the way some dealerships post in social media. Consider the example of the dealership which posts pictures of the proud customer standing by their new car shaking hands with the happy sales person. Great idea, but not the way the folks at a dealership in North Carolina do it. Every Saturday they post a dozen or so pictures of customers on their Facebook page in a 5-10 minute time span. These sales didn’t happen all at once, but the postings did.

Look, Facebook updates only stay active for a few minutes or hours if you’re fortunate. Generally, users who are online at the exact time you post a picture may see it, like it, comment on it and even share it. However, unless they only like a few pages and have a small number of friends, they most likely will not see your pictures if you post them all at once. True, it’s easier to post in the fashion, but it is most likely a waste of your time. Therefore, it is most advantages to post more frequently and spread your updates over time. Don’t forget that posting pictures, links, updates and videos on the weekends will get your page more comments and sharing. But who has that kind of time for Facebook, especially over the weekend?

Here’s the solution: Schedule your status updates to appear when you think your customers and friends are on Facebook. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Go to your status update box and share a status update, picture, link or video.
  • In the bottom left-hand corner you will see a small clock. Hover over the clock to assign a date and time.
  • Select the appropriate year, month, day, hour and minute you wish to have you post appear.
  • Click on the schedule button and you are finished.

You can also edit the scheduled time and date of the post by highlighting the Edit Page, selecting Use Activity Log, then select the scheduled post to edit, and change the date to whatever you like.

This little tool makes it very easy for you to spread the good news over Facebook whenever your fans may be reading.  Everything does not happen at once. Why would you post that way?

10 Key Behaviors to Build Relationships

Based on the interactions between the newly wedded couple, I couldn’t help but place the odds of their “marital bliss” lasting more than 2 years at much less than 50/50.
Now look, I’m a relationship expert in selling…not marriage. That being said, I do believe that the same behaviors or traits that build strong relationships with co-workers, communities and customers, will also work with couples.
With the help of literally thousands of small business owners and dealership personnel, I have identified these as the top 10 behaviors that help create and maintain healthy strong relationships. These are listed in no particular order of importance:
1. Care for the other’s well-being
This actually is number one
2. Be reliable, do what you say you will do
Follow through is so important
3. Collaborate toward mutual success or “win-win”
Try to fully understand their needs and goals
4. Generate a feeling of fairness
Being fair isn’t enough…they must feel it
5. Maintain a friendly-respectful mindset
Throughout the selling cycle…be nice
6. Give and take without a “balance sheet”
But don’t “give away the store”
7. Display a genuine, but appropriate, commitment to the relationship
Think long term
8. Engender open and honest communication
Never lie or stretch the truth
9. Be empathetic…not sympathetic
Remember it’s all about them
10. Always believe “Relationships are more important than the deal”
Many people who didn’t get this…aren’t around anymore
As I watched the wedding events unfold, it was apparent that the young newlyweds didn’t “score” to well in the aforementioned behaviors. How do you rate in these relationship building attributes? How well do your sales team members score? I’ll bet your strongest sales team members embody these skills very well.
Do you think these behaviors would build strong relationships?
They do, and they lead to a healthier and less stressful life. Oh and by the way, they lead to…more sales!

Selling Tip#3-Be Passionate!

Be passionate about the products or services you sell, the people you sell too, the company for which you are selling.

Confucius says: “Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.”

Is that how you feel about the sales job you have?

Do you enjoy satisfying your client’s needs? When a customer leaves with their purchase, are you 50%, 75% or 100% sure they made the best decision? If you truly don’t believe you are giving your customers the best product or services they need, it is unlikely you can be truly passionate about what you are selling. Worse yet, if you are working from a scripted selling message that you aren’t committed to, it is impossible to be, or even sound passionate.

What about your products really get you excited? Do you genuinely believe in your products? When you in fact believe your products and services make a difference in the lives of your customers, then and only then can you be fervently passionate about your job.

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Selling Tip #17-Embrace Change

Less than 25% of American’s are fully engaged in their work. Even less are engaged in personal performance improvement.

Look, there are three ways you can improve your ability to sell a product or service, they are: strengthen your strengths, strengthen your weaknesses or wait for the competition to drop the ball. I strongly recommend you avoid option number three. As I often say…change is not only likely…it’s inevitable. The only way to really improve your performance is to change.

If you don’t like your current state, change it. If you can’t, change your attitude or aptitude. Once you BYOCPO-Be Your Own Chief Performance Officer, you will sustain and improve your performance. Something needs to change for things to get better.

If you want to build stronger customer relationships…embrace change. Make performance improvement a personal goal, create a detailed plan and get an accountability Partner to help keep you on plan.

That’s what it takes to BYOCPO- be your own Chief Performance Officer. Get fully engaged and you will get better results. Learn more to earn more!

Selling and Governing

The headlines in yesterday’s USA Today read: Governor’s Brainstorm GOP Comeback…doesn’t it just make you feel good. They remind me of some of the sales people I have met over the years: Just worry about your issues, needs and objectives, forget about the client. Or in the case of the GOP, forget about the country.

It’s not about blue and red states, it’s about the kind of lives we want to live and enjoy. Our leaders need to step back and start ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. Forget about who will win the next election and become the leaders you said you would be. The times we are living in are CRAZY and we need to get way beyond wondering how to position our party(s) for the next election.

Politicians and sales professionals need to make the needs of their customers the number one priority, not their personal needs.

BTW-I wonder who’s spending more money on “off-sites” this week…AIG or the GOP Governors?