Bet You’re Missing Out!

One of the key skills in consulting is being able to assess people and organizations quickly and efficiently. Professional consultants are constantly honing their assessment skills and abilities. However, when it comes to social media, it is easy to determine if an organization is not leveraging the power of Facebook in an effort to build relationships with current and future customers.
If you are part of a leadership team or organization that believes the following, you are most likely missing out:
1) The only thing people talk about on Facebook is what they’re doing for lunch or dinner!
2) Our policy prohibits employees from “playing around” in Facebook on a company computer or on company time!
3) We delegated our Facebook Page to __________ because they are under 30 and understand that computer stuff!
4) We measure our Facebook success by the number of “likes” we get!
5) We tried it for a couple of weeks and it didn’t do anything for us!

Trust me! If your leadership team is guilty of any of these, you are really missing out on the Facebook movement.
In a recent survey, over 57% of the respondents indicated they spent more time talking to people online than in real life. Like it or not, social media is where the “talking” is happening. Social media success is commonly defined by how effectively you build relationships and social capital. It’s not about what people are doing for lunch. Unless, of course, you’re talking about an event which your company is sponsoring.
If you are not leveraging the power of your team by encouraging them to be Facebook ambassadors and creating a social media policy which describes key dos and don’ts for them to follow, you’re missing out.
Let me ask you this: Would you allow your Facebook page administrator to appear on the noon news to represent your company or organization? Would you hold them accountable to develop and maintain customer relationships? If your response was no, you’re missing out!
Facebook isn’t a quick fix. Facebook success will not come overnight. In fact, success will be an ongoing venture. Furthermore, meaningful measurements are critical to creating a successful Facebook strategy.
When it comes to Facebook, if you believe the aforementioned five points, I bet you’re missing out!