Post-Transitional Modification

Right-sizing, down-sizing, whatever it’s called, many “Boomers” are transitioning from their lifelong careers into retirement or worse yet, unemployment. Now they face what I call, Post-Transitional Modification.

Here is the typical scenario through the years 1955-1970: Graduate from high school, go to college if parents did, get a job after either one or the other, work for thirty to forty years, retire and play golf until you turn 72.5, then die.

Unfortunately, the oil embargo of the 70’s changed everything and now the banking (and oil) fiasco is finishing off the dream.

So here is what we must do: Modify our life styles, dreams and expectations. Now that’s not to say we give up and stop dreaming. On the contrary! Today, more than ever, people need to take responsibility for the personal and professional performance in their lives.

When making the great Post-Transitional Modification, remember: “Don’t Just Do It!”

Be Your Own Chief Performance Officer and apply the BYOCPO Process to achieve your “modified” dreams and aspirations.