Go for the Easy Pieces!

There I was, sitting on the patio watching the little sparrow tugging on the three foot piece of ornamental grass from our “Asian Garden.” He (or she) was committed to getting that specific piece of long dead grass to build his nest. He had a plan to build the best nest in the trees. And he wasn’t afraid of hard work, in that he tugged and tugged on this grass for nearly twenty minutes.

All the while, several other sparrows made many trips to retrieve 3-5″ pieces of grass and take them to their nest. I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually got several feet of nest building materials while my stubborn little buddy tugged on the well connected winterized blade of grass. Much to my amazement, the feathered little tough guy actually severed the blade from the plant. And yet again, another major task was at hand (or wing). How to get the blade to the nest construction site?

The meager tiny guy looked like an exhausted runner crossing the finish line of a marathon. As he tried to fly the grass would wrap around his body and disable his ability to fly. In what looked like a series of the Wright Brothers first flights, he flew only a foot or two, landed (or crashed), flew another foot or two, crashed and finally got to the tree. Flying up into the tree was another act of determination from this sturdy little creature.

At last, he finally got the 3′ long blade of ornamental grass to the site of his nest. Only to find that it was too inflexible to function as good nest building material. There, nearly twenty feet up the pine was a cluster of unused 2-4′ ornamental grass reeds.

Have you ever felt as though you’re tugging and tugging on your “Big Blade of Grass” hoping for the big payoff? Maybe your plan should allow you to pick up the small easy pieces and build a comfortable nest as opposed to aiming for the “Big Prize” and never getting it.

Make sure you have a realistic plan to achieve your hopes and dreams. Be Your Own Chief Performance Officer!

The “Non-Delusional Life”

In the airport the other day, I overheard a couple chatting about all the “work” they needed to catch-up on when they returned from vacation. As the three children sat quietly (playing games on their IPods), it seemed as though the parents were in a “I need to do more than you” contest. Quite frankly, none of it sounded very important.
All to often, people live what I refer to as a “Delusional Life”. They think that as long as they have a hefty “to do” list, then life is important. In other words, doing busy work is not really living.
One of the best parts of our family vacations was talking about the best of…whatever and what each person enjoyed the most and why. Vacation began with the planning phase, which everyone was involved in, and was not complete until we returned to work or school.

It certainly didn’t sound like this young couple had their priorities straight, which is a key step in living a “Non-delusional” life. In life, like in business…you “Don’t Just Do It!”

Plan for your convention

This last weekend I attended the National Speakers Association national convention in NY City. The people that organized the event did a great job and they provided detail overviews of the various sessions and breakouts…and there were plenty to choose from. Here’s the point! As people received their registration package they immediately went to tables and began to plan their itinerary.
Call me anal, but weeks before the event I have reviewed the on-line version of the program and had “planned” my entire event, based on my personal objectives. These folks could have planned out their schedules as well and I thought to myself, why put pressure on yourself…plan ahead.
BUT, I was amazed to observe people scouring their programs to determine which session they would attend…between sessions. In other words, no planning at all.
In Conventions as in life, it is wise to…”Don’t Just Do IT!”

Gotta Start Someplace

Having just returned from the National Speakers Association Convention in New York City…it’s time to get to work. One of the break-outs I attended was with none other than Tim Ferriss of “The 4-Hour Workweek” book fame. As a speaker, I always tell people to make a plan of what to implement while attending conferences and such, well one of mine is to dive into the world of blogging. Any ideas on what I need to do here? Tim, I know you’d be proud!