Leadership Priorities

Last week I was invited to the National Speakers Association’s Leadership conference. What a great time! Not only were the other participants outstanding speakers and leaders, they were truly authentic and caring folks. One truth that I took away is that Leaders need to focus on the following priorities:

Decide to be helpful
Decide to have fun
Decide to be thoughtful
Decide to be creative

NSA’s current President Sam Silverstein challenged us to; “Do the right things consistently, based on strategic intent.” Pretty solid direction. Furthermore, the President Elect, Phil Van Hooser reminded us all that things won’t always go as planned or expected. Therefore, we need to be flexible and forgiving.

Overall, the event was simply outstanding and impactful. Thanks to everyone, and I do mean everyone,¬†who had a role in delivering such an exciting program. Now it’s time to set my priorities as the incoming President for NSA Michigan.

Gotta Start Someplace

Having just returned from the National Speakers Association Convention in New York City…it’s time to get to work. One of the break-outs I attended was with none other than Tim Ferriss of “The 4-Hour Workweek” book fame. As a speaker, I always tell people to make a plan of what to implement while attending conferences and such, well one of mine is to dive into the world of blogging. Any ideas on what I need to do here? Tim, I know you’d be proud!