Selling and Governing

The headlines in yesterday’s USA Today read: Governor’s Brainstorm GOP Comeback…doesn’t it just make you feel good. They remind me of some of the sales people I have met over the years: Just worry about your issues, needs and objectives, forget about the client. Or in the case of the GOP, forget about the country.

It’s not about blue and red states, it’s about the kind of lives we want to live and enjoy. Our leaders need to step back and start ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. Forget about who will win the next election and become the leaders you said you would be. The times we are living in are CRAZY and we need to get way beyond wondering how to position our party(s) for the next election.

Politicians and sales professionals need to make the needs of their customers the number one priority, not their personal needs.

BTW-I wonder who’s spending more money on “off-sites” this week…AIG or the GOP Governors?