Steal Something!

One of my 101 Selling Tips on Facebook is…Steal good ideas! When you see an idea that works or influences you, adapt and apply it to your selling techniques. Whenever you are persuaded to take action or find you like any communication about another product or service take note of what motivated you to act on that stimuli. If it convinced or influenced you, ask yourself how you think it might influence your customer or clients.

Let’s face it…there are no new ideas! Everything has been done before, we just improve and modify things to suit our current set of needs. One of my Facebook friends, Marilyn Suttle, author of “Who’s Your Gladys” offered a series of daily posts of what she called “100 Days of Apprectiation” where she listed people, places, or things she truly appreciated. Sharing a list of things is not new. Showing others how to live in an appreciative mindset is not new. In fact many of the perspectives that Marilyn has shared are, in fact,  very common…Marilyn Suttle Day 69 of 100 Days of Focusing on Appreciation: Today I appreciated waking up to the sounds of birds chirping. I’ve heard them for the last few mornings. They sound so happy!” Trust me, in Michigan on the first warm morning in five months…we all appreciated the chirping outside our window.

Here’s the deal…Marilyn gave me the idea to start sharing a selling tip every day and do it for 101 days. I liked the idea and sat down on a snowy morning a few days later and made a listing of 101 tips for selling. The feedback on Facebook has been phenomenal, and yes I plan to turn it into a book. Maybe a FREE eBook!

NOTE: Remember, always honor copyrights and trademarks! This just makes sense, don’t you think?

Here’s the deal. As you strive for mastery in the selling profession, you must follow the attributes of a Chief Performance Officer. Define your Prosperity, Identify your Priorities, Develop your Plan (and steal ideas from others), Select a Partner, and Party when you succeed.

Twitter and You?

One of the key elements in the BYOCPO Process is Partnering.
We describe Partnering as a process wherein you work with another person, system or process to build support, encouragement and accountability. Twitter can help by building a supportive network of “followers” that can be employed as accountability Partners.
Do you currently use Twitter? If not, why?
Please take the following poll and let us know if or how you use Twitter. Then leave a comment about your take on Twitter.

Dealing with a Multigenerational Workplace

After my early morning workout, I joined a friend for breakfast. It was supposed to be a quickie then off to other errands. However, when he asked what I thought about the plight of today’s leaders when facing the challenge of managing a multigenerational workforce…well let’s just say the conversation required a healthy tip for our server.
If you want to read an article, in which yours truly is quoted, check out this article entitled Coming of Age in Corporate America. This article is very interesting and views the problem from many different perspectives. Whether generational collaboration is a priority for you or not, it is something for all of us to think about…millennials and boomers. Check it out and let me know what you think!
Great poached eggs and conversation!

Whatever you think, it is abundantly clear, that in Leadership, you “Don’t Just Do It!”

“Coming of Age In Corporate America”

Since I commonly talk to multigenerational workforces and associations, a free-lance journalist recently contacted me for my opinion on how people can overcome leadership and work-related challenges. See the article here: Brooke has done a nice job of covering a multitude of perspectives and she sites Jack Welsh, me (T.J. Wisner) and several other experts in the article.
Bottom line, for the average worker in America today, its more important than ever that you
Be Your Own Chief Performance Officer.
Life is too important…”Don’t Just Do It!”

Just Plain Fun!

Check us out!

Check us out!

One of the most viewed, and best streaming videos, is the latest craze.
You MUST check it out. It’s relaxing, funny and can actually relieve stress. Just click the
Shiba Inu Puppy link and enjoy the rest of you day, it is just plain cool! The CPO!

Why the fish?

Okay…several people have asked why I have a picture of fish swimming toward me on the front of my blog.
For those of you who have been fortunate enough to hear my “Don’t Just Do It” speech, you know that several years ago I nearly drowned in the ocean. Not to minimize the terror I felt at the time, it was somewhat of a “life-changing” event. At that moment, I came to realize that our lives must be managed like a business. Thus the BYOCPO concept.
The picture of the fish was taken several days later. It’s as though they are laughing at the guy who nearly killed himself while snorkeling.

Life is too important…Don’t Just Do It!