Take Negotiations to the Dogs

Whenever I am working with sales teams, the topic of effective negotiations often arises. In my thirty years of sales experience, I have attended many hours of negotiations training. For the record, the best was from the Karrass organization and my friend Frank Mobus, but I digress.
Another rich negotiation experience was when I served as a Labor negotiator for General Motors with (or against) the UAW. Keep in mind, I don’t teach negotiation skills, but I often share several of the best tips I have learned over the years. One of which is what I call “the confused dog look.” Whenever your customer or the “other side” offers a counter-proposal or a concern, just simply tilt your head and don’t say a thing. Most of the time they will drop their issue, recant there statement, or better yet simply agree with your proposal.
Why this topic today?
This morning I saw the best example of how to teach this technique. So thanks to YouTube, here is a great 30 second video example of the “Confused Dog Look.”   Enjoy!
If improving your effective negotiation skill is a high priority for you, and why wouldn’t it be if you are in sales, try this…it works!

Plan Tomorrow

Yesterday is gone, today is quickly fading. Here’s the question: What are you going to be tomorrow? Focus on your priorities and make a plan to use every minute wisely.
Notice I asked what you were going to BE? Not Do. Doing is an action, being is your purpose. As you BYOCPO, you will find the process gets easier as you define what it means to be prosperous. Not prosperous in others eyes, but only in your eyes. Forget about all the external inputs and opinions. How do you define “your prosperity”?
Only after you deside what and who you want to be can you truly plan your tomorrow. Don’t plan what you are going to do…plan what you’re going to BE!
Life is too important…Don’t Just Do It!