Don’t Get Hijacked

Did you hear the story about the store owner who fired his Facebook Manager?

It’s not a very good story.

Shortly after the “Facebook Guy” was separated from the company, the General Manager realized their Facebook Page had been hijacked. Since all of the Admins were Managers of the page, the ex-employee had the power and ability to change the administration levels of the others and literally take over the entire page. If that doesn’t shake you up, it should.

That is exactly why Facebook has created five different levels to which an individual Admin can be assigned. Let’s review each of the five roles, how they differ and what needs to be considered when assigning Admin roles.

Insight Analysis– This level can only review the page insights and is the lowest level of permission.

Advertiser– This will most likely be the level given to third party advertisers or your internal marketing people permitting them to see insights and create ads.

Moderator– The Moderator level can do everything the first two levels are allowed to do. Additionally, they can add or delete comments as well as respond to messages as the Page. This level is recommended for most team members.

Content Creator– This level has all of the aforementioned permissions and can also create posts as the Page, edit the Page, and add Apps.

Manager– Your Manager(s) have a full set of permissions including the ability to add new administrators and set their permissions levels.

Take a moment to review and edit your Admins’ roles on your Facebook Page. When on your Page, go to your Admin Panel, click Manage, then Settings, then Admin Roles, and select the appropriate level for each of your Admins.

Don’t leave your Page and business at risk! Make sure your team is connected to your Page at the appropriate level and don’t let your Page get hijacked.