Administer Your Admins

As Facebook continues to expand it’s focus to include the business world, they finally have created a way for page owners to protect themselves from page hijackers. One of my basic keys to success in social media is to have a policy. A policy which includes removing all passwords and administrative abilities. But, the new levels of admin helps protect you, the business and page owner. Let’s take a brief look at each of the five levels.

Insight Analyst– This is the most limited level and can only view the page insights.

Advertiser– This level can view insights and create ads. Both of the first two are probably most appropriate for third party providers.

Moderator– A Moderator has the ability to do the previously mentioned activities and they can add or delete comments on the page. They also have the ability to respond to messages.

Content Creator– This admin level can do all the aforementioned functions and they can create posts as the page, edit the page and add apps.

Manager– The Manager has full access to the page and they are they only people who can add administrators and set permission levels for said admins.

Facebook Admin Roles

I’m a big supporter of employing what I call a “Social Media Squad” within your organization to fully leverage this incredible tool. However, I strongly recommend you review your Admins and assign the proper level of control each has on your most valuable Page.

Secrets to Social Media Success

The recent surveys show us that over 71% of respondents use some sort of social media to help make their purchase decision. Let’s assume for a moment that this number is inflated and only half of your customers use some sort of social media in making their decision. How well does your biz leverage social media to build relationships with your on-line community and help them make their choice? There are plenty of keys to success in social media, but here are four absolutes which lead to building solid relationships with and garnering recommendations from your customers:

Leaders Lead– Our experience and research tells us that organizations which do the best job of leveraging social media are those wherein the process is clearly driven top-down. This doesn’t mean you cannot have a successful Facebook presence by delegating it to an employee in the back-end of the business or by simply outsourcing the entire effort. However, the most highly effective social media efforts are typically led by the organizations natural leaders.

Focus on Relationships– By now, this is not a secret. Social media isn’t about selling; it’s about building relationships, referrals and recommendations. People follow businesses and brands which help them learn to make their life better, or simply enhance their day. If your page is focused on marketing and increasing your click-through rates, your analytics will ultimately be weak and your relationships will not be productive. In social media, some say relate or die, I say relate and thrive.

It’s our Culture– Building social media capital must become part of your organizations culture. If Facebook and Twitter are check boxes to show you are “playing” in the virtual world, it will not be very effective. If on the other hand, social media is woven in the very fabric of your stores interaction with current and future customers, you will then enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

Make it about Them– Now hear this, your social media strategy must be externally focused! Everything you do must be geared toward your social media fans followers. By making their world a better place, they will appreciate you and your organization. More importantly, they will tell others. Make it easy for them to recommend you and your business. Expect recommendations. Recognize recommendations.

There are countless keys to success in social media, but if you lead the process, focus on relationship building, blend it into your culture and make it about your followers, you will be well on your way to being successful in social media world.