Selling Tip #94- Don’t Upsell

Day 94 of 101 – Don’t upsell!!!

That’s right…don’t upsell! Nobody likes being “upsold.”

Think about how often you have “turned-off” by an overly aggressive salesperson.

Just after making my purchase decision on a new laptop computer last week, the salesperson began to “upsell” me into a $179 carrying case. When I explained that I already had a fine leather shoulder bag to carry it in, he then tried to convince me to buy a very cool backpack to carry it in. After assuring him I had no need for a carrying case, he then tried to sell me a sleeve to protect my new investment. It was clear that I needed a sleeve to protect my laptop, but by now, after his earlier attempts to “upsell” me, I was about to walk out and buy my sleeve elsewhere. However, since I was excited to get home and begin using my new piece of technology…I bought the sleeve for a mere $17.

Then we get to the register and the “Upsell” for their “Service Agreement” began.

Following the “Upsell” attempts with the carrying cases, it wasn’t difficult to say NO to the purchase of an extended warranty…even though I know I probably will need one.

Look, nobody likes being “upsold” when making a purchasing decision. Fact is, we enjoy it when a sales professional asks appropriate questions to clarify our needs, probes for understanding and offers solutions for us to choose from.

The concept of “Upselling” sounds good from the sales managers perspective because they generally make more profit on the sale, but it NEVER sounds good to the customer unless there is a significant discount on the bundled products or services.

When building solid customer relationships, sell them what they need, but never “upsell”!