Steal Something!

One of my 101 Selling Tips on Facebook is…Steal good ideas! When you see an idea that works or influences you, adapt and apply it to your selling techniques. Whenever you are persuaded to take action or find you like any communication about another product or service take note of what motivated you to act on that stimuli. If it convinced or influenced you, ask yourself how you think it might influence your customer or clients.

Let’s face it…there are no new ideas! Everything has been done before, we just improve and modify things to suit our current set of needs. One of my Facebook friends, Marilyn Suttle, author of “Who’s Your Gladys” offered a series of daily posts of what she called “100 Days of Apprectiation” where she listed people, places, or things she truly appreciated. Sharing a list of things is not new. Showing others how to live in an appreciative mindset is not new. In fact many of the perspectives that Marilyn has shared are, in fact,  very common…Marilyn Suttle Day 69 of 100 Days of Focusing on Appreciation: Today I appreciated waking up to the sounds of birds chirping. I’ve heard them for the last few mornings. They sound so happy!” Trust me, in Michigan on the first warm morning in five months…we all appreciated the chirping outside our window.

Here’s the deal…Marilyn gave me the idea to start sharing a selling tip every day and do it for 101 days. I liked the idea and sat down on a snowy morning a few days later and made a listing of 101 tips for selling. The feedback on Facebook has been phenomenal, and yes I plan to turn it into a book. Maybe a FREE eBook!

NOTE: Remember, always honor copyrights and trademarks! This just makes sense, don’t you think?

Here’s the deal. As you strive for mastery in the selling profession, you must follow the attributes of a Chief Performance Officer. Define your Prosperity, Identify your Priorities, Develop your Plan (and steal ideas from others), Select a Partner, and Party when you succeed.

Selling Tip #17-Embrace Change

Less than 25% of American’s are fully engaged in their work. Even less are engaged in personal performance improvement.

Look, there are three ways you can improve your ability to sell a product or service, they are: strengthen your strengths, strengthen your weaknesses or wait for the competition to drop the ball. I strongly recommend you avoid option number three. As I often say…change is not only likely…it’s inevitable. The only way to really improve your performance is to change.

If you don’t like your current state, change it. If you can’t, change your attitude or aptitude. Once you BYOCPO-Be Your Own Chief Performance Officer, you will sustain and improve your performance. Something needs to change for things to get better.

If you want to build stronger customer relationships…embrace change. Make performance improvement a personal goal, create a detailed plan and get an accountability Partner to help keep you on plan.

That’s what it takes to BYOCPO- be your own Chief Performance Officer. Get fully engaged and you will get better results. Learn more to earn more!