Maybe I Should Change it to “Serving Skills”

Since most of our Sales training workshops are focus on serving the customer and what we call the 6-C’s of relationship building, maybe we should take the word selling out of the title altogether.

It’s almost funny how sales people are going back to the basics of selling. For too many years, what has been called sales, has been no more than order taking. Now, sales people are forced to revert back to the old skills that the truly highly effective sales people have always followed. All too often, however, they either have forgotten the basics…or never really knew them.


Here at The CPO Institute, we love helping existing sales teams review the basic selling skills through self-assessment and self-improvement team learning initiatives. Our wide-ranging years of experience in the automotive industry gives us a unique ability in relating to and helping everyone from the Showroom to the Service lane in developing long-lasting customer relationships.

Maybe we should call it “Serving Skills” not Selling skills, since sales is all about serving the customer. Give us a call, let’s see how we can serve you and increase your training ROI and IOB.