To Twitter or not to Twitter?

Do I  want to Twitter? How do I get the most out of Twitter? Twitter…what’s Twitter?

Using Twitter as a Social Networking tool is fun and easy. It can be a helpful tool or a waste of time.

But can it increase your performance?
Here’s how to get the most out of Twitter.

DON’T JUST DO IT! Follow these suggestions and tips.

1) Decide what you want to get from Twitter before you start.
Do you want more friends, customers, motivation, ideas, research, updates, news, weather, quotations, jokes…well you get the idea. What exactly do you hope to get from Twitter? Many people join Twitter, try it for a couple of days, then let it die. That’s because they didn’t have a clue what they wanted from it.
Be clear on your objectives for using Twitter. Tip#1: Having lots of “Followers” is not as important as having Followers that are important to you.

2) Do your research.
Let’s say you want to use Twitter for researching a specific topic. Okay, this is almost too easy! All you need to do is Google “How do I use Twitter for research?” There you will find details on how to use this valuable tool.
For example, if I wanted to see what others had to say about the new Chevy Camaro,I would enter #Camaro or Camaro into Twitter Search. Another tool I find very helpful is Tweetdeck, a free downloadable software which can beused for searching several topics at once. Tip#2: Spend a few hours at and explore the opportunities.

3) Call on a friend.
Find somebody you know that will mentor you on Twitter. If you have a friend that has used Twitter for some time (and they have a clue) they can be a great resource for coaching.
If you are a member of an association or group, try to find other members that utilize Twitter.
Another way to begin “Tweeting” is to get a friend or group of friends to join with you and leverage each others research, tips, followers et cetera.
Tip#3: Follow me on and follow a few of the great people I follow. Once you build 30-50 followers…ask them questions. People that Tweet are most helpful folks. Ask them, they will help.

Today saying you don’t Twitter is like people who ten years ago boasted about not using email. Get with it! Improve your performance in life and at work by staying in the know and in contact. Be Your Own Chief Performance Officer.
Like everything thing in life, this tool we call Twitter can be helpful, but “Don’t Just Do It!”