Are You a “Walter Cronkite” of Sales?

This past Friday, Walter Cronkite passed away at the age of 92. For decades, he has been recognized as the most trusted person in the world. What an honor to bestow on a person and how it must have made him feel.

Research continues to show that trust is the most significant selling competency for professional sales people. Furthermore, sales professionals that are most proficient at gaining their customers trust are most adept at generating higher sales revenue.

Here at The CPO Institute, we believe trust can be built on what we call the “Attitude of Caring.” The “Attitude” is based on three crucial components:

Caring about them-

Professional sales people ask the right questions, listen to the answers and truly care about the client and their needs. Demonstrating how much you care for and are knowledgeable about your clients specific business will earn your their trust and loyalty.

Caring about your company-

Nothing will undermine trust more rapidly than “selling out” your own company. NEVER discount or dismiss the importance of the rest of your organization. Accept responsibility and help make the necessary changes to enhance customer satisfaction. Giving away the store or bashing other departments will weaken the foundation of the very trust you are seeking. One of the best ways to build trust is to be knowledgeable of your industry and your company.

Caring about the order-

Getting the order is simply the first step in building trust.

Now they trust you enough to place the order. This is where trust is truly built. Follow-up on the order, make sure the customer gets what they expect, show how you and your company is actually concerned about them and deliver everything you promised.

All too often, trust never develops in a sales relationship because once the order is written the sales person begins to focus on the next sale.

Sales Professionals truly live with an “Attitude of Caring” and continuously build trust in their customer relationships. Sales Professionals that build trusting relationships with their clients generate greater sales revenue.

Wouldn’t it be great to be considered the Walter Cronkite of your industry, company or marketplace?

“Most trusted!”

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