3 Bad Things Can Lead to Good Sales!

If you are in Sales, nobody needs to tell you the economy sucks!

Here are three market conditions that are generally considered to be negative, but when properly handled during a sales call (read relationship), can lead to higher sales revenue generation or market share.

Dollars are shrinking:
The dollar is not as strong as it once was and there appears to be a shortage of available dollars for most companies and individuals. This is forcing buyers to be more selective in how, when, where and even why they spend those scarce dollars. Everyone’s budget has been affected.
Therefore, it is most important to truly understand, not only your customers needs, but also what makes you, your company and your products better. Only then can you properly address your customer’s needs and provide appropriate solutions.

Competition is scared:
That’s right! They are panicking. They are getting pushy and obsessed with “making the sale.” They are cutting support, warranty, service, quality, availability, and they may even be cutting their price.
That’s ok! Don’t fall into that trap.
Take advantage of their weaknesses by emphasizing your strengths.
Be willing to change or alter your strategies.
Public perception holds that GM and Chrysler won’t stand behind warrantees any longer. This may or may not be true, but it is a common perception. My neighbor, a lifelong GM customer, just purchased his first Ford. His reason, “can’t take a chance on the warranty running out.” Ford and other manufacturers are leveraging this public perception and stressing their warranty in their advertising messages.
By accentuating your strengths you can highlight their weaknesses.

Customers are experiencing pain:
Aren’t we all?
Empathize with your customers and show compassion, but don’t dwell on it.
Acknowledge the aches they or their businesses are experiencing.
Don’t dwell on it!
Empathize and move on. Turn conversation into a positive.
The day after the Red Wings recently lost in the Stanley Cup Finals, I overheard a Sales person commiserating with a customer over how bad they played, how bad the officiating was, how bad the coaching was, even how bad the media coverage of the event was.
When people are in pain, they want relief. Instead of complaining about the “cause and effects” of game seven, what if our sales friend would have focused on the fact that Detroit had in fact made it to Game seven of the finals. What if he chose to discuss the excitement that led up to game seven? Don’t wallow in woeful negativity. Help customers lift themselves up. Help relieve their pain.

Selling is hard work. To improve you need to continuously leverage these common factors in selling relationships. Adapting to these market forces can set the true selling professional apart from the competition, resulting in higher sales revenue.To make an effective sales call, Don’t Just Do It…be your own Chief Performance Officer!