Tell Them Who You Are?

NOTE* The names have been changed to protect the…innocent.

Another call with the infamous “Unknown” on the screen!

Since several of my clients block their number on outgoing calls, I must answer the call with my usual professional, pleasant greeting. But in all honesty, somewhere deep inside me is a little voice saying “Screw ‘em if they don’t want to identify themselves.”

“Hello, this is TJ Wisner.” “Hi TJ, this is Shirley from Your Solutions, glad I caught you. Hope all is good…just wanted to get back to you with that quote on….”

When she was finished I told her how surprised I was that her number was blocked.

Here (paraphrased) is what she said: Well, we don’t want to broadcast our number because some clients might recognize it when we call them and they may never answer.

Here is what I said: “And you want me to do business with you? Why would they not want to take a call from you?” Unfortunately, for the company, Shirley’s explanation wasn’t very convincing.

Great customer relationships are based on trust. If a company can’t trust their clients to take their telephone calls, that is a symptom that cannot be overlooked.

After thinking about it, this is what I wish my phone could be programmed to tell people upon receiving a call from me: “Hi there, TJ Wisner here to help you improve you or your organizations overall performance…how can I help?” Okay, I know, it’s a bit long but I’m proud of it and want them to know.

If you don’t want to tell them who you are…they probably don’t care who you are.

Want to improve your Customer Service…Don’t Just Do It! BYOCPO

Did Screw Dad Screw Son???

Being the 5th generation in the family business, Hyland Screw Machine Products, doesn’t guarantee a job. Dan Hyland, whose great-grandfather founded the automotive supplier in 1928, has been making some pretty tough decisions lately and lay offs are one of them.

Due to production cutbacks, Hyland was faced with giving some of his workers their pink-slips. Since his son is one of the newest employees in the company, Dan thought it was only right to lay him off in the first round as well.

It was the right thing to do Dan said. And moreover, when he told his son about his impending lay off, the son told his father that it wouldn’t be right for him to stay on while other good workers were let go.

At The CPO Institute, our primary focus is on values. Companies and people that have well established values and live by those values are successful and sustainable.

Dan Hyland and his son live by a set of time tested values. Being the 5thgeneration in the family business, Hyland Screw Machine Products, doesn’t guarantee a job, but it does guarantee a foundation of solid core values.

No, Dan didn’t screw his son…he helped him learn a valuable lesson. Dan appears to be a man that lives through his values and is a great business man and Dad.

Life is tough sometimes and it is filled with choices. Live by a defined set of values and Don’t Just Do It!

For more on this story check out the local TV report from Dayton, OH on Hyland Screw Machine Products.

Can Hello Stimuate Your Economy?

Last December a post in this blog recognized a jewelry store clerk (Janet) for superior customer service. (See below)
This past Saturday, Janet informed me that the company recently promoted her to Store Manager. We joked about how this blogpost (which was recognized by the companies HQ) probably got her visibility at the corporate headquarters. In reality, it’s Janet’s performance and focus on Customer Service that makes her so effective.

Isn’t it refreshing to see a company reward good performance?
Congratulations, Janet, for a job well done. Keep smiling and greeting your customers…it can stimulate your personal economy.

Here in the wintry white (and very cold) north, walking in the mall is what we do at this time of the year.
As a sales and customer service geek, I’m always in observation mode to recognize outstanding customer service behaviors. This morning however, I was reminded of how important an simple smile and hello is to  providing good customer service.
At about the three mile mark, Janet, the sales person in the Flint, MI.  Kay Jewelers, was the first associate to smile and say hello to me. Now keep in mind, I walk around with a smile on my face and a pleasant greeting to all that make eye contact with me. After I passed the store I realized my early morning trail had taken me past well over a hundred sales associates, store managers and owners, and Janet was the first to say hello and offer a smile.
I turned around, entered Janet’s store and complimented and congratulated her for being the first to give me any indication that she was there to offer great customer service. Janet, thanks for reminding me how important a simple hello and a smile are to providing great customer service.

Remember, great customer service and living life are very important, so “Don’t Just Do It!”