Viral Advertising is GREAT!

Many of my clients have made their marketing efforts a very high priority in an effort to generate greater sales revenue. But, at the same time, they are spending less.
Viral ads can be a very effective and inexpensive marketing tool. Here is one of the best viral ads I have ever seen. If this doesn’t make you laugh…I’m truly sorry for you. Trust me, you will laugh so hard you’ll cry. The E-Trade Baby Outtakes has hit a home run with this. Enjoy!

Viral advertising is great, but like everything else in life, you “Don’t Just Do It!”

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You be the Judge!

Are you tiring of the business news these days; layoffs, closings, mismanagement, bailouts and ludicrous executive bonuses? Me too! No matter where you look, television, newspapers, magazines, the internet, even my new technological tool-Twitter, people are talking about negative stuff.

****NEWS FLASH****

There are good things happening! Want to know how to hear about them? Be a Judge!

Over the past few months, I have served as a distinguished judge for the 3rd Annual Stevie Awardfor Sales and Customer Service. “Stevie” is short for Stephen, which is Greek for “Crowned.” This is an international competition which recognizes excellence in disciplines that are crucial to business success. While not every nominee is outstanding, they are all very good at what they do. As I reviewed nominations, it was difficult to assign ratings because they were all so positive and productive. The winners of this award will be announced at a gala event at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on February 9th. Unfortunately, I cannot be there.

Here is the deal! Volunteer to be a judge for anything. Look around for opportunities to serve, call your local Chamber or other civic groups. In these contests, only the best should get to the judging round (except on American Idol) and it is refreshing to see all the good, positive things people do. As a judge for the Stevies, it was inspiring to read the profiles of highly effective and productive sales teams and leaders and their strategies to deliver outstanding Customer Service.

If you want to see good, positive things…be a judge!

Priority Cruise

Running into old friends and associates is always so much fun. It gives us a chance to reflect on where we have been, where we are and where we plan to go. Just yesterday, I saw a retired executive I coached and consulted for a few years back. He sure looks healthy and happy and wise.
After a few minutes of reminiscing, he asked how business was and if I still helped people focus on personal and professional priorities.

Of course the answer was yes.
He told me how he still recalls our conversations about setting priorities and creating a plan to accomplish them. In fact, he went on to tell me how this years BIG priority was for he and his wife to take their children and grandchildren on a Royal Caribbean cruise. Imagine if you will, all thirteen of them on a Bermuda cruise. Vince went on to tell me about all the research and planning that has gone into this undertaking.
He is certain this will be a “trip of a lifetime” but he was quick to point out that if anyone wants to do a trip like this…you “Don’t Just Do It!”

Dealing with a Multigenerational Workplace

After my early morning workout, I joined a friend for breakfast. It was supposed to be a quickie then off to other errands. However, when he asked what I thought about the plight of today’s leaders when facing the challenge of managing a multigenerational workforce…well let’s just say the conversation required a healthy tip for our server.
If you want to read an article, in which yours truly is quoted, check out this article entitled Coming of Age in Corporate America. This article is very interesting and views the problem from many different perspectives. Whether generational collaboration is a priority for you or not, it is something for all of us to think about…millennials and boomers. Check it out and let me know what you think!
Great poached eggs and conversation!

Whatever you think, it is abundantly clear, that in Leadership, you “Don’t Just Do It!”

Are Connections a Priority?

In today’s turbulent times, we all need to connect with our family, friends and acquaintances more than ever. NOTICE: If you have no interest in enhancing your connections and networking abilities, don’t read any further!
Still with me…good! One of my Priorities for 2009 is to enhance my social networking skill and take advantage of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. In December I attended a workshop on Leveraging Technology and learned that these three networks interface very well and are the top sites for professionals. Click on any of the links above and you will visit my profile on each one. If your not in these networks, join today! It’s fun, doesn’t take much time, has tremendous potential and will help you grow your “Connections.”
For several weeks I “twittled” with twitter and am just now getting it. Not that it’s difficult, because it isn’t. It’s just that I hadn’t figured out how to use it effectively to connect with others. So here is what I’m doing: Every day or so, I send out “Tweet” my “followers” with an inspirational quotation, humorous line, cool site to visit, or occasionally an interesting article or blog post. So begin to Twitter and begin by following me.

BUT FIRST, check out this article I received from my friend Michael Hyatt. I sure wish I had found this before having to learn all this on my own. This is a great article regarding Twitter for beginners but it also has a couple of very important tips for even the more experienced twitterers.

When it comes to networking, you need to BYOCPO and remember, you

“Don’t Just Do It!”

Salt Lake City-Romantic Food

Just received a call from a fellow speaker in route to Salt Lake City. They said they wanted to wish me a Happy New Year and since she knew I had several clients in SLC, she thought I might be able to refer her to a culinary delight. Well of course I can!
Less than half an hour from down town is one of my favorite restaurants on the planet.
Nestled in the foothills just east of town is a romantic little eatery called “Log Haven.”
This place has more awards than it has tables, but the attitudes and food are absolutely the best.
Check out the Log Haven website for the back-story, but this place was built as a mountain get-away in the early 1900’s and has a quite interesting past. The Ahi Tuna and BBQ Duck was wonderful and I’m told the crab cakes are to die for.
Romance, beauty, history, service and great food; what more can one ask for?
I’ve never met the owner, but the Chef was very congenial and attentive and it is obvious the Log Haven understands that in great customer service…you “Don’t Just Do It!”