Computing Virus Prioritites!

In case you wondered where I have been, an nasty computer virus infected my computer and not only affected it’s performance…it killed it dead. So yes it is still true; bad things do happen to good people.
Even my back-up hard drive was effected but I back-up my back-up, so I only lost everything since June 08.

Don’t count on Norton or any of the big named security programs. According to my IT guys, the big ones are the first ones the hackers go after. There are two particularly effective downloads you can get that will take care of the latest spyware and virus programs. Wished I would have known about SpyBot ans Ad-Aware before my problems started.

Although it has never been a priority of mine, my knowledge of soft and hardware is becoming scary.

Here’s the point, make system security a major priority for your business. It will help you maintain your performance. Many pictures and seven chapters of my book, seem to have been lost forever. Most of my email files are yet to be reconstructed, so send me a sympathy email and I’ll add you back into my book.

Change your performance-Change your World!

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