What’s your Prosperity?

It seems that everyone on NBC (Olympics) equates money with prosperity in their discussions of China and that countries “prosperity.”
Whenever I ask the question of my audience members, they reply with things like: money, education, safety, freedom, health, equality, et cetera. The Greeks described prosperity as a “sense of well-being.” That makes sense to me!
Research has shown time and again that money has little or no effect on prosperity.
I’m not sure the average American family would want to change places with the average Chinese family. But the media seems to equate money with prosperity.
In order to “Be Your Own Chief Performance Officer”, it is important to clearly understand how you define your “prosperity.”

Please jump in and share your definition. Thanks!

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  1. Prosperity is success; however you define it. Prosperity includes wealth, but is more than that as it is the energy of success; allowing-ness.
    Once we have a prosperous attitude, we can see and accept all the good (abundance) that is already there and thus take creative actions toward it. Being able to turn lemons into lemonade is prosperity at its finest!


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